Simon’s background

Simon holds a Masters degree in Engineering from London University and has been in the markets since the early 1980’s

From the mid-1990’s he traded the S&P futures predominantly.  With the pick up in volume of the E-mini contract about 10 years ago, Simon made the transition to fully electronic trading, bringing with him techniques from “the old days” that still work brilliantly in today’s markets as well as developing new innovative approaches specific to the electronic age.

On top of trading full time, Simon has become a much sought after trading coach and educator with thousands of followers from across the globe. However he rarely appears live preferring to stay well away from the seminar circuit. In fact in the last 10 years he has only run two workshops – a solo event in 2007 and the much acclaimed Century of Trading in 2011 with colleagues Jeff Quinto and George Kleinman.

Simon’s trading

Over the decades Simon had traded accounts of his own, accounts of both private and public funds and as head trader in a syndicate of private investors where he is still active today, presiding over annual returns spanning from -21% in the worst year (yes there are losing years too in the real world) through to +96% in the best year.

More recently Simon launched Serious Investment Returns, a small close knit group of professional traders who take longer term swing trades across a range of futures markets using Simon’s proprietary strategy.  Since launching in March 2009 the “SIR” system has produced in excess of 160% return from a handful of trades each month, risking 1% of equity on each trade.

“I have been a subscriber to S-I-R since the beginning.  I have been trading for 20 years and have seen many newsletters, systems etc. of which 95% I have cancelled after the first month.  S-I-R is an excellent resource and is one of my research components that I use to develop a market theme in which to structure my trades.”  Ron, Full time trader, Chicago

TTD500Hot on the heels of S-I-R in July 2010 Simon launched the Trading Den, a day trading service for more active traders. The Den was designed to provide evolving traders with the ability to “earn as they learn” thereby overcoming one of the biggest challenges to traders in their early years – how to stay the course until they become proficient in their own right.

Several short term strategies are used in the Den, resulting typically in 2-4 trades per trading day of which there are 10 per month on average. Without any compounding or clever money management techniques, the Den trades have now delivered in excess of 500% profit in the 3 years since its launch.

“I have been a member of Simon’s Trading Den since the inception and have witnessed first hand, on a daily basis, Simon’s keen abilities trading the futures markets. The posted results are genuine, as is Simon himself. Finding someone with Simon’s skills and integrity in the trading arena is like finding a needle in a haystack, and I consider myself very fortunate indeed to have met him and to be trading with him.”  John, Full time trader, San Francisco

Simon’s educational and coaching services

Over the last 7 years Simon has been assisting traders of various experience levels learn and improve in their own trading. This has ranged from simple articles each exploring a specific topic through to Cold Fusion, Simon’s 6-month intensive mentoring program.

His articles have appeared in “Simon Says” his own newsletter, as well as newsletters, podcasts and videos of other publishers and educational services.

Simon has delivered regular monthly webinars for his own students as well as appearing as a special guest speaker in webinars for students of Linda Raschke, Jeff Quinto and others.

“What can I say……Let me start with 4 words, “Thank you very much.” I can’t believe you’re so helpful and willing to share your wonderful trading logic. People say, it can take up to 10,000 hours of study to master a subject, I’ve doubled that over the last 5 years, and the information you have shared with me, is without question the best information I have ever come across. I’ve completely dedicated my life to trading and I feel very lucky I’ve finally come across such a nice person who is successful and willing to help others.”  Mark, Forex trader, England

The last major event that Simon appeared live at was the 2011 Century of Trading seminar in Los Angeles, run jointly with colleagues Jeff Quinto and George Kleinman.

Attendees wrote glowing testimonials of that event, the majority saying it was the best seminar they had ever attended. Here are some video clips of what some of them had to say (click image to play):