Turbocharge your performance in one weekend!

Join market wizard Linda Raschke, top trading coach Simon

Townshend and electronic trading pioneer Damon Pavlatos

in London for this exclusive one off workshop on Sept 13,14,15…

If you trade for a living (or want to), could there be a better single source of knowledge and experience in one room at one time, for you to hoover up and put to immediate profitable use for yourself?  We don’t think so!  That’s why we called this…

The Best of the Best

Because we know there will never be a better way to make a step change in your performance than to lock you away for 3 days behind closed doors with three experts who have risen to the top of their respective fields after 3 decades each in the markets!

Linda’s fund was rated 17th out of over 4,500 tracked by Barclays for 5 year performance. As well as being a world famous technical analyst featured in the iconic New Market Wizards book, as you can see she also trades real money, real well!

Simon has become one of the most valued trading coaches in recent times, thanks to his logical hands on way of helping traders succeed in a business rife with dangers. His students have witnessed and enjoyed the 500% return in the last 3 years delivered in his “earn as you learn” approach to coaching.

As a floor trader, Damon used his skills to execute huge size in the S&P pit for major players like Paul Tudor Jones, but was an early adopter in the move to electronic trading.  Having made the transition himself, he has been at the forefront of technological advances and is responsible for the development of the fastest execution platform available today. He also has a few magical tricks up his sleeve like his stunningly consistent last ½ hour S&P system that he’ll be sharing with you!

You can read all about the speakers, their backgrounds and experience on the other pages.  But now lets concentrate on what they are going to do for you!

Who should attend?

First of all let’s be upfront and honest that this is NOT for everyone!  This intensive training is for experienced traders who know their way around the markets.  It will an avalanche of non-stop information, tools, techniques and strategies that in the right hands are absolutely priceless.  But alas someone who is new to the business isn’t going to be able to keep up with the pace of delivery and depth of information.

However for those who already trade part time or full time, have been in the business for a minimum of 6-12 months and who are ready to take a major step forward then this once in a decade opportunity should not be missed.

Idea BubbleFutures, Forex and Equities traders alike will benefit from the range and depth of eduction that will be delivered.  What you trade is largely irrelevant – if you can trade one market you can trade any market.  The three speakers all specialise in futures today, yet all of them have also traded extensively in stocks, options and currencies as well.

If you manage money for clients or trade for a fund, you will benefit from learning to correctly read market structure, the statistical tendencies, the swing trading techniques and even some of the shorter term scalping systems that will be revealed.

If you trade for yourself or maybe are moving from trading other peoples’ money to trading your own capital, then there are additional skills and techniques that you must acquire.  Consistent, profitable trading is not just about technicals and strategies. Organisation, mental fortitude, execution skills and a host of other factors come into play. This rounded package will provide the lot – most of it learned the hard way, so you can learn it the easier way!

Everyone who attends will benefit from the standalone strategies, the modern leading edge tools used in electronic trading as well as gaining those essential organisational skills.  Plus no price can be put on the ability to ask questions and dig deep into the decades of personal experience these three traders will happily share with you. 

Its called the “best of the best from 3 decades of professional trading” and that is exactly what you will receive, hour upon hour of the most important information gleaned by three professionals since the early ’80s.

All the knowledge you will gain

Long term trading success comes from doing a small number of things extremely well.  However these span a diverse range of skills, some very quantitative, others much more subtle.  In the workshop you will learn both the Art and the Science of trading.  Setting you up with the full rounded package of skills is the only way to ensure you walk away with long term success in your pocket!  So we will be covering a lot of ground:

Market Structure: Laying the basic foundation for a consistent approach to both trading and market research. Use of ATR (Average True Range Functions) to define swings, identifying the equilibrium levels that chart formations wind down to and incorporating volatility cycles into your work. Learn how to identify the difference between bracketing markets or when a market enters a trading range and conditions that can lead to “persistency of trend”. Different types of market strategies can then be applied to the two opposite environments, even if one is day trading only.

Systematic Breakout and Trend Following Methodologies (Intermediate duration): In this work Linda takes the foundation laid by determining Market Structure to the next level and develops real world applicable tools for entry and trade management.

Swing Trading Strategies (1-4 day duration): Linda is best known for her work in this area, both in development of systematic mechanical systems as well as models that use discretion. Her early trading was influenced by the Taylor Trading Technique and she has learned how to harness specific data points. Her style of trading with this approach has not changed for the past 20 years. It is backed by extensive quantitative modeling she will share with you.

Applying Techniques from the Floor to the Trading Screen: After 25 years in the pits, many traders were unable to transition to electronic trading off the screen. Damon was one of the few successful ones as he concentrated on the time tested concepts which he has turned into specific strategies. They revolve around the auction process theory and using market profile concepts as a tool to show volume and crowd behavior nuances. Damon teaches how to switch gears to robust trading concepts instead of an indicator-based mindset.

Designing your Personalised Trading Career: No two successful traders trade identically. The reason is simple, no two people are the same and trying to force fit a trading plan onto an individual for which it is not designed can be a recipe for failure. Over the years of coaching many traders Simon has developed the process for designing a trading plan, business plan and career plan tailored to the individual, which he takes you through in this session. You will also be shown the major causes of failure and how to avoid them as well as a series of tools and techniques to use to “make it happen” for you personally.quintacircle-diagram1000

Intraday Trading in Index Futures: Linda started trading the SP futures the first day they were listed in 1983 and has traded them almost every day since for her own account and her Funds. A blend of pattern recognition, interpretation of market internals, time of day functions and a Taylor overlay has led to a library of consistent trade setups that she will teach you.

Intraday Trading Strategies in Other Futures Markets: Credit markets, metals, currencies, energies, softs and grains, the importance of volume, relative strength, and time of day functions. All of this work can be applied equally well to equities and is an approach that can actually be applied to many different time frames. Relative Strength combined with Volume work is one of the most powerful, yet less talked about approaches.

Trading the Last ½ Hour: When most traders are tired and getting sloppy at the end of the day, Damon is one of the best at trading in the last 30 minutes of the US session. This comes from his years of doing execution for the index funds. This is most pertinent nowadays in equity indexes, metals and crude as the ETFs and Funds need to hedge or initiate new positions before the close. Learn how to spot the order flow in order to trade with the wind behind your back in the last 30 minutes and how to manage this trade which has an astonishingly high win rate.

Trade Management: In this joint session on trade management, Simon will teach you his unique approach to managing and exiting open positions as well as a case study on how simple trade management rules turned around a failing trader into a big success. The rules he used can easily be applied to the trade setups you have just learnt. Linda will share the results of her research and modelling on trade management – when to play for a small target, a large target or trail a stop. Initial risk and leverage will also be touched upon and how she turned random trade entries into a profitable system with the right trade management approach.

Maximise Performance with Practical Money Management: Many traders find that they have their smallest positions on the best winning trades and their largest positions on the worst losers! Why is that? Because most approaches to trade sizing and money management are highly theoretical and totally impractical. Consequently most traders ignore this subject completely. Simon will reveal his own pragmatic solution that shows you when to use a fixed or variable unit size, how to stay in the game indefinitely and how to carve out a psychological advantage using money management.

Become a Top Professional: What are some of the factors that make the largest traders successful? Damon draws on his experience of working with top names in the industry to teach you tips on execution, maintaining an edge when trading size, controlling emotions and different styles of risk control. There are many different styles and approaches to trading, but all top traders share common traits in these four areas.

The Process of Success and Psychology of Winning: In this joint session Simon and Linda will address the weakest link in the business – the individual! Simon takes you through the process of identifying how you and your trading program must interact to minimise the risks of the psychological traps that snare so many otherwise capable traders. You will put in place the necessary foundations for personal success, understand why fear is a valuable indicator of an exceptional trade, how losing runs can be minimised and a number of “tricks” to improve the human side of the business. Linda will explore the psychology of winning, how does a trader pull themselves up by the bootstraps repeatedly after getting knocked down and how to manage drawdown periods and period of flat returns as well as staying on top of your game once you are at a peak. She will also share her own business plan in detail with you – it has remained the same for the past 23 years regardless of if used for her own personal accounts or her money management program.



As you can see we have a lot to cover in two and a half days. These speakers believe passionately in delivering the best techniques they have gleaned over their careers.

So these will be long days. At times you may feel overwhelmed by the tidal wave of information that is unleashed upon you.

But don’t worry you will be able to go back and review any of it after the event. So you wont be hampered by the occasional lapse in concentration which is inevitable during such a long and action packed weekend.

What this day is NOT about

Stressed man in front of this laptopHave you ever read a book or attended a seminar and thought you had discovered just the perfect technique that would turn your performance around, only to discover afterwards that it is impossible to actually apply in real time?  Yes

Have you ever seen tantalizing results from some new magical  software, only to find that it stops working the minute you get hold of it?  Yup, we have witnessed dozens of traders falling into that trap too!  So let’s be clear about what this exclusive opportunity is NOT about…

There is no tangle of conflicting or ambiguous indicators to tie your head in knots for months as you try to decipher what you have learned on the day. There is also no room in our work for all of that mass marketed, data mined and curve fitted nonsense and nor should there be in yours.

Just think about it for a moment.  The guys (and ladies) on the floor are some of the most consistently profitable traders in the business. 

Yet how many crazy Gann fans, Fibonacci lines and gizmos do you think they have to look at?  Indeed where exactly do you think they would be looking at them?  Did you ever see a floor trader buying and selling with one hand while balancing a laptop on his knee with the other hand?  Of course not.

Sadly the computer age has given a whole generation of would be traders a completely false steer on how success in this business is actually attained.

What this day IS about

That doesn’t mean we don’t use computers in our work, because we do.  They are extremely useful tools to help speed up and simplify our work.  But they are no more than tools.  Like any tools they are for the craftsman to use and not a substitute for the skills that the craftsman has to gain in order to pursue his career.

So as well as teaching you these time proven techniques, we will also be revealing to you the underlying logic behind each one.  In this way you will understand exactly why each one works.  You won’t be applying them by blindly following some set of rules.  You will understand why they work and you will become that craftsman.

However unlike most craftsmen who have to serve a long apprenticeship to get to the point of being able to undertake their job proficiently, you will know exactly how to apply each and every one of these priceless techniques by the end of the workshop.  And just to make sure Linda, Simon and Damon will be available by email after the formal event for as long as is necessary to answer any questions you may have.

Effectively this once in a lifetime experience becomes your apprenticeship with all of the painstaking work having already been done for you!

But don’t hang around

The opportunity for such a high impact learning experience with traders of this stature does not come along every day.  Indeed this is likely to be a once in a lifetime opportunity. Linda ran an annual workshop for 12 years, but stopped 8 years ago.  Simon has spoken live just twice in the last 10 years.

We have deliberately chosen a small intimate venue for the event to maximise your learning experience and provide personal access to the speakers. So workshop places are extremely limited and available on a first come first served basis. Please reserve yours today in order to avoid disappointment.

This exciting weekend will include:

  • 9 High intensity working sessions of 2 hours each
  • 2 Comprehensive full colour printed manuals including all slides and charts
  • Coffee and refreshments on arrival, mid-morning and mid-afternoon
  • Full buffet lunch on Saturday and Sunday
  • Drinks reception on Saturday evening
  • Professional filming of all 3 days and replay via members only website

This unique opportunity to accelerate your own trading performance into the big league will be held at the Crowne Plaza Hotel at Heathrow airport, London.  There is a special delegate rate available for staying at the hotel (just £89 including full English breakfast and VAT if booked by 15th August).  These will be long days so we do recommend staying on site on Friday and Saturday nights! (http://www.cpheathrowairporthotel.co.uk)

This once in a lifetime opportunity costs just £2,490 to acquire the best trading education in the world and to put these time tested techniques to work for your benefit the very next trading day!

Can you afford NOT to give up one weekend of your life to learn first hand from these great traders who are prepared to travel from Chicago (and one from England of course) to meet you at Heathrow just to help you get your trading on the right track for a lifetime of success in the markets like they have enjoyed themselves?

Be warned you will go home exhausted and probably need to sleep all day on Monday just to get over the avalanche of knowledge coming your way!  So bank on starting your radically improved trading on Tuesday please!

VIP upgrade

For the ultimate learning experience a very special upgrade is available for a maximum of 13 people only.  This is designed to enhance your enjoyment of a very intensive weekend and to extend your learning experience for a full two months!

In addition to everything discussed above, the VIP package gives you these amazing benefits should you be fast enough to secure a VIP ticket:

  • Reserved front row seating each day at the workshop
  • Private dinner at an exclusive restaurant with the 3 speakers on Saturday evening
  • Autographed professional photo of you with any speaker
  • 2 months free use of Linda’s LBRgroup team live trading room (normal cost $700)
  • 2 months free access to Simon’s Trading Den (no vacancies but normal cost £600)

To secure one of the VIP upgrades simply select the VIP ticket from the drop down menu below when registering. (Once the 13 VIP tickets are gone, this option will no longer appear).

Register now…

Linda, Simon and Damon look forward to meeting you for this exciting, behind closed doors, no holds barred experience as they reveal the Best of the Best from 3 decades of professional trading.

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